Questions and problems about our electrochemical test cells

How do I fill the test cell?
The cell can be filled with approx. 30 ml of electrolyte through the opening in the cover. Pour in the last ml slowly; observe the filling level in the hole for the reference electrode, which may rise with a delay. This should be filled to a maximum of halfway to avoid overflowing when setting the reference electrode.
If the hole does not fill with electrolyte, an air bubble in the Haber-Luggin capillary blocks the electrolyte flow. Set the measuring cell at a slight angle so that the air bubbles can escape.
The cell does not heat up.
This could be due to poor contact. Check the connecting leads of the heating elements.


Alternatively, the PTC heating element cast in silicone could be defective. Measure the resistance of the cold heating elements:

FlexCell PTFE: 5 Ohm

FlexCell PP: 3 Ohm

ElyFlow: 15 Ohm

the potentiostat is going in overpotential.
This could be due to poor contacts. Check the connecting leads of the potentiostat, and the multilam plugs of the cell.

Alternatively, remove the counter electrode and check its condition.

The potential is false.
There might be gas bubbles in front of the reference electrode. Move the reference electrode a little up and down.

The gas bubbles might also be blocking the Haber-Luggin-capillary. In that case, suck the air out of the reference electrode hole with a pipette ball.

The signal is noisy.
The impedance of the reference electrode or Haber-Luggin capillary is too high. Adjust the current range of the potentiostat.

There is electrolyte leackage.
Tighten the thumb screws, and check the position of the contact screws and fixing pins to properly place the O-ring or silicone sealing.

How do I clean the test cell?
Usually, it is sufficient to rinse the cell thoroughly with water after disassembly.
Deposits can be removed mechanically with a suitable laboratory brush.
Stubborn metal deposits such as silver or copper can be removed with nitric acid.



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